Power the All Seeing Eye

The multi-channel Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) is the perfect solution for powering multiple CCTV cameras offering stabilized output and low interference.


The (4/8/16) channel CCTV camera Power Supply come with Short Circuit, Overload and Thermal Protection making them highly efficient and low energy consuming at the same time. With a power LED indicator for each channel, installation and monitoring of the power supply for your CCTVs is now hassle-free.


People. Devices. Power.

All our SMPS-based adapters come with Short Circuit and Overload Protection along with Surge Protection.


Both our adapters, SMPS-based and Transformer-based, give standard output with low interference. Our adapters work with high efficiency and low energy consumption. We make sure that our adapters give the output that we commit to you!

Chargers & Cables

Safe Charging, Better Charging & Good Sound

Compatible with almost all gadgets like smart phones, tablets, watches and other devices, our Chargers are suitable and appropriate for use with different cables ranging from micro USB, Lightning cable, Type-C cables to reliably charge any of your devices. We also make high quality AUX cables that give output that is crisp and clear, without any fuss. They come in 2 variants: Threaded and Regular.


The compact designed charger is designed for India in accordance with Indian voltage and current standards and provides reliable charging even during voltage fluctuations. Its thoughtful design makes it user friendly.

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