Experience Speaks

Established in the year 1989, Rajeev Electronics is a trusted industry name for manufacturing and supply of Electronics like SMPS Adapters, SMPS Power Supplies, Linear Adapters, CCTV Power Supplies, Mobile Chargers, Cables. In our 30 years of industry presence, we have established ourselves as one of the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers in the electronics industry.

In 2010, we expanded our portfolio to LED Profile Lights, PIR & IR Sensor-based Switches for Lighting, Sensor-based Lights, ODM Services and OEM Services.


We sell by the brand VConekt, with a product portfolio that includes Phone Chargers, CCTV Power Supply, SMPS Adapters, SMPS Power Supplies, Linear Adapters, LED Light Drivers, Sensor based LED lights, IR Sensors, etc. VConekt has been able to win the trust and satisfaction of its clients with its exceptional quality & appealing looks.



One less headache for you as you can focus on the marketing of your new product and leave the manufacturing to us. Your Idea + Our Expertise = Your Product. We provide ODM and OEM (Contract Electronic Manufacturing) services which includes services like PCB fabrication, designing, and engineering subassembly and assembly manufacturing, functional testing, etc.


We ensure that each product, be it your brand or our, is made with the highest possible quality components that are viable for you and your customer’s budget. We believe in Quality Electronics for All, instead of Mass Electronics for All, hence our products last longer even when the going gets tough!

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