We ensure that all our Linear Adapters are high on efficiency and low on energy consumption. We don’t want any ill thing to your gadget so we have made sure that our Linear Adapters give standard output with low interference. We make sure that our adapters give output that we commit to you!

Our range of Britelite Adapters come in 4 different pins: DC Pin, Sony Pin, Unisef Pin and EP Stereo (3.5 mm) and in 500mA current supply.

1.6 Volts 500mA.

2.4 Volts 500mA.

3 Volts 500mA.

3.6 Volts 500mA.

4.8 Volts 500mA.

6 Volts 500mA.

6.8 Volts 500mA.

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